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Seth Wharton


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How long have you been playing drums?

9 Years

Who are some of your favorite drummers?

Nate Young – Anberlin, Jonathan Thomas – Ascend the Hill, JoJo Mayer, Zac Farro – Paramore, Steve Goold – Owl City/GoFish

What type of music do you play?

The majority of the music I play is pop/rock that is a little more geared towards the rock side of things. I also play a lot of worship/gospel music.

How many hours a week do you play drums?

4-6 Depending on how busy I am that week.

Do you play in a band? If so, what band?

Yes, Skyhook.

How often do you perform?

10-20 times a month depending on how booked we are.

Does your band have a website or Facebook page?

AWOL Custom Drums - Purple Drum Set Who built your drums?

AWOL Custom Drums

Do they have a website or Facebook Fanpage?

Why did you choose them to build your drums?

I am actually the owner/founder of this company so I guess you could say that I am a little biased. :)

What was your inspiration for the design?

My inspiration for this kit came from several different places. In regard to the sound of the drums; about 9 months before I built my kit I began to fall in love with the dull, boomy sound that vintage drums had. The more that I fell in love with the sound of these older kits the more research I did which led me coming up with the design. Maple/Mahogany/Maple shells with 6 ply re-rings and wood hoops. I picked the color scheme for this kit based off of the new artwork for my band’s EP, Raise The Stars. I really love the satin chrome hardware.

AWOL Custom Drums - Aluminum & Purple Snare

What are the sizes of your drums?

14×7 Aluminum SnareI play a pretty traditional 4 piece rock setup.

13×9 Rack Tom

16×16 Floor Tom

2416 Kick Drum


What is the type of wood/material used for your drums?

The shells on my kit are a combination of two woods. The outer ply is maple, the center and thicker ply is Mahogany, and the inner face is maple. All of the drums have 6 ply re-rings in them with a 45/30 roundover bearing edge which helps create a great vintage tone.

All of the tube lugs on this drum are made from machine tooled hardware instead of solid brass. The aluminum is lighter and gives the drum a different feel when played.

The wood hoops have a lip on them that comes down just enough to hide the collar of the drum head. I went with this style of hoop to give the drums a different appearance than other wood hoop kits.

What do you love most about your drums?

I love the way they sound and feel/response I get from them while playing. They are unique to me which is what makes them so special.

What, if anything, would you change if you were to rebuild them again?

I’m not exactly sure how much of a difference that it would make but I would like to change the 16×16 floor tom to a 16×15. I love the sound of 15″ deep toms for some reason.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your custom drums?

They rock and I love them!

Youtube URL of you playing your drums?


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