How to Sell Drums Online

The Benefits of Selling Drums Online

There are loads of benefits to selling anything online! Low over head, global potential audience, and the ability to sell your products 24/7 are some of the top reasons. If you take advantage of all of the benefits and have a half decent product, you are bound to connect with someone that will want to purchase it. It’s only a matter of time and getting enough exposure. Let’s dive into some of the specific benefits to selling your drum set orHey You snare drum online. Drum roll, please.

Low Overhead – Most of the places available to sell your drums on the web have very little, if any, costs associated to selling online. You might pay to list your drums like an add, pay a percentage as a transaction fee, or a number of other ways. Typically online advertising is very affordable and gives you plenty of exposure. Most people that sell drums online typically sell drums only a couple of times. One or two kits and maybe a couple of snares here and there. Others, like custom drum makers, sell drums on the web constantly. They need to have a full website and a growing fan base they can promote their products to. Even if that is the case, the costs are typically pretty reasonable.

Global Audience – The world is your audience… well, at least the part of the world with an internet connection is! It’s really hard to beat that or down play the power this benefit holds. As long as you can get your drum listings in front of enough people online, someone is bound to entertain the idea of buying from you.

Sell 24/7 – This is also another benefit to selling online. The web doesn’t close up shop for the day at 5:00! In fact, it picks up speed late into the evening when people have nothing to do! You can set up your listings on whatever site you chose and move on to greater and better things while just periodically checking on your e-mail for inquiries. It’s pretty sweet.

Where to Sell your Drums Online

For the average drum seller, though, all they need to do is list their drums on online sales sites like eBay and Craigslist. For a focused approach that goes directly to the people who love drums, post your message on a site dedicated to the subject, like

Craigslist ImageCraigslist

Craigslist is one of the first places people think of when they have an item to sell. It’s typically free to list something, tons of people use it, and did I mention it’s free? All kidding aside, Craigslist is a great place to think about selling your drums. Craigslist is very regionally focused. What I mean by that is even if you go directly to, they will automatically redirect you to the sub-domain that targets your city. Here is how it works for me, if I type in in my browser and click enter. The URL that I end up on is because their servers see I am located in Boise, ID. This is fine and dandy, but it does limit your potential audience significantly. The plus side, however, is you can do business with someone face to face and you don’t need to deal with shipping your drums. For some people, this is probably the ideal way to go.

Here is how you sell your drums on Craigslist (as of 12-13-12):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “My Account” and either login or set up an account
  3. Once you are logged into your account, click the “New Posting” tab
  4. Chose the city you want to add your listing to. You can list in as many cities as you want
  5. Click on “For Sale” Pick your category – This should be “Musical Instruments – By Dealer” or “Musical Instruments – By Owner”
  6. Create a simple, short, eye-catching title
  7. Add your price
  8. Add a very detailed description of the drums you are selling\
  9. Add up to 8 high quality images
  10. Click Continue
  11. Check your e-mail to confirm placing your listing!


Sell Drums On EbayEbay

Ah, Ebay. The largest auction site in the world and the one that started it all 18 years ago. A lot of sites have come and gone in that time but Ebay has almost become a verb when it come to online selling – from yard sale to retail. You can reach drum lovers around the country or around the world.

Here is how you sell your drums on eBay:

  1. Register for a seller’s account. The account itself is free but there may be seller’s fees, so you need to provide personal info and a method of payment.
  2. Click the “Sell” button.
  3. After you click on the “Start Selling” button, you’ll need to search for “musical instruments & gear” under the “Find a Matching Category” tab.
  4. Select “Percussion” and then “Drums” or whatever other kit items you have to sell.
  5. Click “Continue.”
  6. Choose a name, description, and price that you are willing to accept.
  7. Upload a picture.
  8. Click on “Save and Preview” then fix any problems you see.
  9. Click “List Item” and wait the money to roll in.

You can also make some adjustments on where you are willing to deliver it to and what delivery service you will use. The more you get into eBay, the more you will find about making the arrangements that make the most sense for you.

Sell Drums on

Yes, obviously we have to put a plug in for our site too! is a growing community of drum lovers and enthusiast. Check out our About us page for more details.

I would recommend using this site as a means to get extra exposure for the drums you are trying to sell. The way I would do that is by choosing to sell your drums on ebay or craigslist and then adding a drum classified listing on with a link to where you are selling your drum set or snare.




Do you have experience selling your drums or anything else online? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below!


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