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Collin Drum Company - Stave Snare Drum at the Grand Ole Opry

 Company name

Collin Drum Co.

Your Name

Curtis Collin


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How many people are employed there?


How long have you been in business?

1.5 years

How did you get started?

The Company Got Started, After Years Of Playing, and Researching Drums. I one Day Decided To Build a 14x 5 Maple Snare. Which Then Turned into a Full Drum Kit. After Having It Tested By Drummers Who knew a thing or two about the sound of a Drum. I was Told To Continue Because I have a Product Worth Continuing. So That’s what i Did

What makes your company unique?

There are a couple of Things That Make This Company Unique. We First Of Build Only Stave Style Drums. No Ply Drums. We Are 100% Custom. What You Want You Get. We Are a Stave Company That allows Many Different options. We Do Satin, Clear Gloss, High Gloss, Fade, Paint Jobs, And Are Slowly Making Our Way Into Wrapping The Drums As Well. Our Hardware Color Options Are also Pretty close to Unlimited. We Do not “pre build” Any Kits whatsoever. When You Call, We Begin YOUR drums. Exactly What You Want. When You Order a Custom Drum. You Also Get YOUR name on our tags. For Example John Doe’s Drum Would Say Collin John Doe Customs! We Are a Business That loves Keeping The Customer Involved and Its All about What YOU want in A Drum. The Only Thing None Negotiable Is Quality. We will not “bring Down” our Quality To save money. Nothing Leaves Unless it is Top Of The Line Gear!!!

What are the typical prices for a custom build?

Snares = $800.00 and Up/ Kits= $2,500 and Up

What is the average wait time to get a 4-5 piece drum set built?

4-6 weeks

Collin Drums Stave Wood Snare with Black HardwareWhere does your inspiration come from?

God, My Woman and Family. My Major Goal is To Make Collin a Good Name and make My Family Proud! They are the Companies Inspiration

What was the first drum you built and where is it now?

14 x 5 maple Snare, It is Now In Our “Museum” NEVER to Leave!

What was your favorite drum you built and why?

Well Out of All the Drums I’ve Built My Favorite Would Have to Be A entire 6 pc Birch Sunburst Fade Kit With all Brass Hardware II built And Raffled Off For A Cancer Charity! It was the House Kit at A Local Rock Festival and Made Collin Drum Co. Very Proud! Probably A Great Looking and Sounding Kit!

What was the most challenging project you took on? What made it so hard?

The Most Challenging was a kit I Built for one of our artist. It was a 4 pc. Brown Ash kit painted black with see threw red pinstripes. The snare was sparkle blue with see through white pin Stripes. Altered Tube Lugs. What made it so hard was the fact that The drummer saw it in his head, We had to bring it to life. According to him, We made it happen!

What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?

Well the biggest failure has been in the building process. Sometimes cutting persist measurement/ angles can be difficult when starting off. It for me would have to be making a shell that does not come out perfectly round and having to scrap that shell! ( Burn it in the stove haha). What ive learned is there is no substitute for Making it Right. It Has to be perfect or Nothing at all!!!!

Do you endorse any drummers? If so, who?

Yes, Kevin Weaver (Brett Eldridge), Justin Michaud ( Youtube/independent), Alan Morse ( The Welcome Home Party)

How do you typically pick who you endorse? What do you look for?

We are open To anybody Talking to us about it. What a drummer Needs in to Help Us Get out there. They Need Certain Amount of Shows/ Viral Views. If We believe have Them will Increase The Knowledge of Collin Drum Co. You Will Get a Deal!!!

Is there anything else you would like to add about your company?

Collin Drums Is a Company That wants nothing more than to 1. Make Quality Drums, 2. Make The Customers Experience A ” You’ll Only Get That From Collin Drum Co.” Experience. And 3. That We make Drumming , better, Exciting, and Unique For the Drum World. So if your interested in exploring Your Mind and Picking Ours with Great Ideas Contact us today!!!!

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