Treebird Drums "Superstar" Acrylic 13" x 7.5" Custom Snare Drum.

Treebird Drums - Superstar Acrylic With Gold Hardware - Custom Snare Drum

The Treebird Drums “Superstar” Snare Drum.

13” x 7.5” clear acrylic shell, brass hardware, brass filigrees, brass leafed stripes, PureSound Percussion Custom Pro wires, and Evans Drumheads & HQ Percussion Genera Dry/Hazy 300 heads.

Tons of projection, massive rimshot crack, extremely sensitive snare response. This thing packs a punch, and has a very full, resonant (yet dry) sound. The acrylic shell and the Evans Genera head allow it to project without too much ring, and the Puresound brass wires are some of the most sensitive, crisp, and bright-sounding snare wires on the market. They lend the drum versatility, while the shell’s dense acrylic and 7.5″ depth lend it huge sonic heft.

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