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Why should I add my listing to the Classifieds?

The benefits of adding your drum classifieds to are pretty simple and straight forward. Our goal with this site is to create the number one online drummer community in the world with a focus on custom drums. We are actively building that community every day! What does that mean for you? It means the number of people your drums will get exposure to is growing every day. Go check our social media pages to see how engaged our audience is.


Ok, cool. So, how do I add my listing to your site?

There are just a few steps to add your drum classified listing. Here they are:

  1. Register & create an account on our site
  2. Go check your e-mail for your password
    • If an e-mail doesn’t show up in 10 mins, please contact us so we can get you one as we seem to be having some technical difficulties at the moment.
  3. Once you are logged in, click here to add your listing.
  4. Follow the on page steps to add content to your listing
  5. Spread the word by using the social buttons on the left side of the page of your published ad!


Here is what the add listing page should look like:

Add drum classifieds listings to